PureMind BioEnhancer

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Hilft wunder, hab es eine Zeit lang alleine genommen und es hat Super gegen Brain Fog geholfen, hilft es gegen Kopfschmerzen.

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You get what you pay for, pure alpha-gpc. The 20g of white slightly sweet tasting powder comes in a tiny black jar that has a plastic inner lid and another wooden/plastic outer lid that screws on. The whole thing was also packaged in vacuum sealed plastic.

The reason why it's packaged this way is because a-gpc is EXTREMELY hygroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture like no other substances I've seen before. If you don't keep it in dry place the powder will become wet and eventually turn into a sludge (which doesn't make it unusable, it just makes it hard to dose because of the added water weight).

As for it's efficacy, I used it for strength training. According to a single study done it's supposed to increase strength better than caffeine. I did not feel any such strength increase, what I did feel was a marked improvement in central nervous system and peripheral nervous system recovery.
I'd say I recover up to 50% faster than I would without it and feel far less fatigued on my rest days. In fact, when I ran out I saw a drastic decrease in my strength due to rapid build up of fatigue after only 1 week. Overall, I used it 3x a week at 600-800mg per dose, which allowed for rapid progress in strength in a 3 month strength training cycle.

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So schön, ganz tolle Tiegel !

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